Interactive Wall For Children Customized Games

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3D projection beach, thought interaction, emotional interaction .

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Interactive Wall For Children Customized Games

3D projection beach, thought interaction, emotional interaction .

Somatosensory Interactive Wall through the projection of the wall,which can support multiplayers to play the same game at the same time,it will sense your action,you just need to follow the prompts,and then enjoy the games.

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Production detail

Operation Introductions:
Children use the sand shovel toy to play with sand. The projector above shows different visual effect according to the different dune shape. The high pile place shows as a mountain, and the lower as blue water magically.


Product features:
(1)Children can learn about the nature knowledge in the entertainment, not just to satisfy the game desire.
(2)Children can gain the geography science knowledge by changing the sand color and water flow way in the entertainment set by intelligence, interaction as a whole.

Somatosensory Interactive Wall
Projector brand Panasonic Projector
Projector Lumens 3000 Lumens
Size 120inch (2.5m*1.85m)
Computer 1pcs
Game 10pcs

What are the advantages?
1.According to the different industry and different occasions,we should design separate developemnt plan independently;

2.Support multiple people to interact at the same time. This product is centered on the contact interactive technology of image motion recognition, combined with auxiliary recognition technology, not only supports single person interaction,but also supports the simultaneous interaction of multiple people, and does not affect the interaction effect.

3.Adapt to all kinds of venues, such as circular,curved, spherical,arc, etc. can do wall interaction, slide interaction effect.

Application Areas
1. Large indoor theme park
2. Amusement park
3. Children entertainment park
4. Naughty castle
5. Shopping Mall
6. Parent-child multiplayer interactive places
7. Exhibitions and Trade Fairs
8. Advertising etc


What Is Interactive Floor/ Wall / Table Projection System ?
Imagine for a moment, if you will, walking into a fish restaurant, over a swimming pool filled with shimmering water, goldfish swimming through the water and over the restaurant’ s logo. Then, as you walk you see ripples in the water, hear the sounds of your footsteps and see the fish darting away from your feet. This is all possible at the same time with the Interactive Floor System using our HS-IPS Interactive system.

Q1. What’ s the Lead Time?
Within 7 days after payment done.

Q2.Can you design new effects for me?
Yes, we can design it as your request.Just tell me your imagination, we guarantee your satisfaction. Besides, we will provide a free SDK for you, if you have your own programmers, you can develop new effects.

Q3.Can I use my own images?
Yes, you can customize all the effects , such as add your logo,background, video or other design to it.


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