Preferential price augmented reality projector interactive wall system 3D smash ball game

China kids playground interactive 3D wall system interactive smash ball game for sale.

The operating principle of the interactive smashing system is to first capture and shoot the target image through motion capture equipment, and then analyze the image analysis system to generate the motion of the captured object. The motion data is combined with the real-time image interaction system to enable participants to interact with the screen. There is a close and interactive effect.

Children can interact with the big screen scene on the wall by smashing the ball. When moving zombies or other monsters appear in the screen scene, multiple children can cooperate with each other, pick up the ocean ball and hit the screen zombies or other monsters, and pass the score. . Unreal light and shadow combined with realistic game scenes, bring children unlimited fantasy world.

Develop children’s physical coordination and teamwork skills. The game content is diverse and interactive.

Post time: 2020-03-02