VR Деца Диносаурус Специјална детска VR Игри

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Lovely Kids Dinosaur model with educational games. Let kids playing and learning! Attractive kids be immersive VR games.

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VR Деца Диносаурус Специјална детска VR Игри

Lovely Kids Dinosaur model with educational games.
Let kids playing and learning!
Attractive kids be immersive VR games.

Little dinosaur is a 3-10-yeasr-old children’s puzzle products, cute dragons modeling, built-in three games, education and entertainment, sitting on the back of a dinosaur will bring you into a virtual world, the sky fly, the fairy tale world.

How to play?
Ride the horse, wear the VR headset, playing immersive dinosaur games.

Where can run business?
Suitable place to run business
* Тематски парк
* Playground
* Shopping Mall
* супермаркет.
* активности за унапредување на науката и така натаму

производот детали

производство Име VR kids dinosaur special child VR games
Voltage/Power 220V/2.4kw
VR headset Deepoon VR
Game 1pcs
Playing time 5-10 mins
Packing Size(LXWXH) 250X120X120cm
List of goods 1x VR Deepon headset
1x Computer
1XHD Display
1x VR Kids dinosaur
Computer Configuration CPU:I5
Graphic Card:GF1050
Hard disk:240G
Memory Card:8GB


Income & Benefit

1 Set Kids VR Dinosaur
Ticket Price Working time Playing Time VR Machine Conversion Mode Income
1 day $5 5 Hours 5 Times/Hour 1set 5*5*5*1 $125/day
1 day $5 10Hours 5 Times/Hour 1set 5*10*5*1 $250/day
1 Month $125*22+$250*8 $4,750


Our Service:
1.Direct Factory, no Intermediary profit, direct service;
2.Customized VR AR of software and hardware;
3.Една година гаранција, одржување живот;
4. Обезбеди искуство и бизнис управување со игра зона на купувачите;
5.BEST after-sales services. There are engineers on-site installation, 1-година без гаранција и за додатоци;
6. Нашите продажни се 24 дена на ден, за малку 365 дена во годината, да ги реши проблемите на клиентите во навремено, да во најголема можна мера да се заштитат интересите на своите клиенти. Во прилог на човечки фактори, Природни непогоди, и сите дефекти на опремата се предмет на одговорност на фабриката за време на гарантниот период.

How to care?
1. Keep all the machine drying.
2. Keep the room clean and decrease the duty, clean the surface of machine with a dry, soft tool.
3. Checked machine lines various spare parts and every day, detected the problems in time, prepared to work next day.
4. If you don’t need the game machine, to be packaged it well to place. Avoid the machine is damp and aging, please open the machine to run 30 minutes in every two weeks.

Најчесто поставувани прашања:
П: How many ages for kids:
А: 3 10 years old normally.

П: Ние сме загрижени за вашиот квалитет и по-продажба на услуги.
А: Direct Manufacture, No worry about any Technical problem;
Our service Team take turns on duty, Never delay Customer’s business that is our Mission!

П: How long can be the VR headset taken?
Normally, 3-5 years is no problem, it also depends on how to maintain in the daily, if you protect it good the life length will be longer.

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