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se angaje nan bati yon modèn gwo teknoloji antrepriz ak amizman entelijan entèaktif.

Kydavr Tech. has experienced professional R & D team, adhere to the self-developed VR equipment, exclusive copyright VR content and solutions to meet individual needs, and provide AR interactive projection, holographic projection, indoor and outdoor amusement equipment for customers, VRAR Park, 5D7DXD motion cinema, provides all-round customers withEfficient, Sustainablecommercial solutions for VRAR and interactive game.

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Pwodwi prensipal Kydavr: 9D VR, divès kalite VR pwodwi amizman, 5D7D Cinema, AR pwojeksyon entèaktif, ekipman amizman andedan kay la epi deyò, VR + entegre jeneral plan operasyon.

To provide customers with DIY professional control software service solutions and provide OEM/ODM service solutions, and realize the intelligent and unmanned management of the whole park.

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Kydavr Tech. has more than 10 patent certificates. The company has produced according to international industrial standards and has passed CE, ROHS ,SASO etc. Products have been exported to the United States, Britain, Germany, Brazil, Colombia, Saudi Arabia and other more than 100 countries.

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