Dual screen interactive projection wall Interactive Wall Projection Ball Throwing Smash Games

Big screen wall interactive projector magic Ball Shooting Game 3D interactive smash wall games.

The interactive smashing game interface has been upgraded twice as before, and the game screen is more clear and shocking. It can accommodate more children to play together, which is exciting.

The dual-screen interactive smashing ball perfectly combines interactive technology and traditional naughty fortress, and double swords are combined! A variety of games help the ball pool to upgrade gorgeously! Children just need to hold the ball to the monsters, balloons and gophers in the big screen virtual scene. Targets can participate in game interaction.

Game benefits:

1- Strong interactivity: parent-child fun multiplayer competition, effectively promoting interaction;

2-Long-lasting preservation: The game is updated and upgraded quickly to keep the game sticky;

3-Increase revenue: popular products, highlights, gather popularity, increase revenue.

Post time: 2020-02-01