Tri ekrana Šest Axis pokret Racer Car Driving Simulator

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Tri ekrana Šest Axis pokret Racer Car Driving Simulator

1. Super clear 3 screen displayer;
2. Leather comfortable seat;
3. 6dof dynamic electric cylinder;
4. Novel and beautiful appearance;
5. Logitech steering wheel;
6.3 pcs driving simulator games.


Product Name Three screen six-axis movement racer car Main Metrial steel
Veličina 2.3*2.6*2 m Main Colour Red/black
voltaža 220 V moć 2.5KW
Weight 500 KG Occupied Area 6 m2

3 HD screens, 130-degree viewing angle coverage.
Professional racing parts and sound system accurately restore the instantaneous gravity speed and road undulation of vehicle impact, fall and acceleration. Drivers will have a unique experience like never before.
The product adopts the international leading dynamic control technology, and uses the 6-degree-of-freedom dynamic platform of the electric cylinder to truly integrate with the game, and can complete the thrilling and exciting action such as diving, climbing, tilting, turning, rotating, falling, bumping, itd. , driving control, audio and video, simulation to give users a super real experience

1. Easy to install, warranty for 12 mjeseci.
2. The latest operating system, the operating interface is easy to understand.
3. Naš profesionalni nakon-prodaja usluga tim vašu podršku.
4. Best after-sale, we will serve you in 24 sati.

Application Area

1.Can be used to demonstrate VR experience of any tourism locations, educational contents, or any other VR content you have.
It can be placed at squares, parks, recreation halls, airports, clubs, museums and so on.
2.Science, obrazovanja, exhibitions, fairs, store openings and other occasions.
3.Used for everything you need to quickly attract human traffic, attention, concern business occasions, such as game center, park, trgovački centar, itd.

Theur Service:
1. Dostupan je bogat sadržaj igara i prilagođeni sadržaj igara.
2. Jedna godina garancije, doživotno održavanje.
3. Omogućite kupcima iskustvo i upravljanje zonama poslovnih igara.
4.BEST after-sales services. There are engineers on-site installation, 1-godinu dana besplatne garancije i za dodatnu opremu


(1)Q: How many games inside 6Dof Motion racing simulator?
A:3 igre.

(2) Q: What kind of game of racing car simulator?
A: Different models cars, track for choice.

(3) Q: Are you a direct factory?
A: da, our factory is in Guangzhou.

(4) Q: What is the MOQ?
A: one set.

(5) Q: If the voltage and plug of your products come with our standard?
A: We will confirm the voltage and plug with customers and product the one as your request.

(6) Q: Can you customize the product as I required and put my logo on it?
A: All of our products can be designed and customized as required including color, print, pattern and logo.

(7) How long it takes to deliver goods from China to my country?
A: Different port will be different. Generally speaking, it is about 1 month by sea and 3-7 working days by air.

(8) How long production time?
A: 5 10 dani.

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